• Section 9.27.F.1 - Field Trip Permission Form

  • Parents/Guardians:

    Our class will be taking a field trip! We  anticipate this to be a fun and educational experience for our students. Please take a moment to review the details of our trip and provide your consent below:   

  • If you will take your child to or pick your child up from the field trip location.  Please indicate that below.

  • Please contact me if you have any questions: (Phone)  *

  • Sincerely,  *

  •   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

  • I give my consent to have

  • attend the above field trip.

  •                                                     Student Full Name
  • I realize that the District's liability insurance only covers injury if negligence is proven against the school district and that in other circumstances, the student's insurance would provide coverage.

    Parental Consent _____________________________________________________

    Reference: Section 9.27, Form 9.27.F.1