• Section 9.21.F.2 - Parent Permission to View Video

  • Dear Parent,

    Your permission is requested for your son/daughter to view a video in class. It is the policy of the District that there is educational value in utilizing movies and videos in classrooms only when such movies and videos extend and/or reinforce the concepts being taught and have been planned for in advance.

    •  G Appropriate for all grade levels
    •  PG May not be shown to students in grades Preschool through fifth (5th) grade
    •  PG-13 May not be shown to students in grades Preschool through seventh (7th)
    •  R May not be shown
  • It is the policy of Dysart Unified School District that:

    • The video has been previewed by the teacher.
    • The video has been determined not to contain any objectionable material and is appropriate for the age group to which it is to be shown
    • The video is in accordance with Policy Section 9.26 and Procedures Section 9.26.
    • Advance notification, including video title, rating and date to be shown will be provided to the parent of each student.
    • Alternate arrangements will be prepared for any student whose parent chooses to deny permission to view the video.

    The video has been approved for viewing in the classroom:  

  • _____________________________________________________         _____________

    Principal Signature                                                                                         Date

  • _____________________________________________________         _____________

    Parent Signature                                                                                         Date

  • Reference: Section 9.21, Form 9.21.F.2