• Section 7.67 Social Media Account Authorization Form

  • The Dysart Unified School District supports the use of online social media to facilitate District programs, departments, and school sites in communications. “Social Media” are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content either publicly or privately, or to participate in social networking. Social media can include text or direct messages, audio, video, images, podcasts, and other multimedia communications. These platforms not only provide information, but allow for interaction during this informational exchange through user-generated content.

    The district’s Policy 7.67, Staff use of Digital Communications, requires School-Related social media accounts as well as Individual Professional accounts to be approved by and accessible to a site administrator and/or the designated Content Owner. The definitions of these accounts are as follows:

    1. School-Related Accounts - Those maintained and monitored by a designated school site employee (i.e. clubs, classes, sports, activities, etc.)
    2. Individual Professional Accounts - Those maintained and monitored by a single person and createdwith a District email address.

    Applicant Information:
  • Content Owners are fully responsible for regular monitoring of the site, appropriate online conduct, adhering to the District’s policies and procedures, and maintaining official presences on social media sites as follows:

    • Content must conform to all applicable state and federal laws, as well as all District and board policies and administrative procedures.
    • Content must be kept current and accurate, and should be regularly updated, following Dysart Unified School District guidelines and policies.
    • Content must not violate copyright or intellectual property laws and the Content Owner must secure the expressed consent of all involved parties for the right to distribute or publish recordings, photos, images, video, text, slideshow presentations, artwork, or any other materials.
    • Before posting any photographs of students, Content Owners shall review the list of students whose parents have not consented to having their child’s photograph taken or published. No student photographs should be published for personal, promotional use, or any other non-school relatedpurpose. The District’s student photography policy does not apply to public events (athletic games, artistic performances, after-school activities, or any event that takes place outside school hours and is open to the public.)
    • The Communications and Public Relations Department recommends that Content Owners request that a second person review all photographs prior to publication. One person may catch issues that the first set of eyes overlooked.
    • All postings and comments by users are monitored and responded to, as necessary, on a regular basis. Postings and comments of an inappropriate nature or containing information unrelated to official or District business should be deleted promptly. Such postings shall be reported, investigated, and authors will be disciplined as appropriate.

    I have read the policy, procedure, and guidelines for Policy 7.67  and agree to follow them. I will notify the school administration and/or the Communications and Public Relations Department if the name or social media account Content Owners of this site change, or if the account is deleted.
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  • Complete and return this form to the principal of your school or applicable director/assistant superintendent. You will be notified if your application is approved.

    For Official Use Only

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