• Section 7.35.F.2 Reference Check for Professional Staff Positions

Applicant Information:

Reference Information:

  • Professional relationship to candidate:

  • Time period of professional relationship to candidate:

Reference Questions:

  • Rate the candidate in the following areas on a scale of 5 = Outstanding, 4 = Exceeds Expectations, 3 = Satisfactory, 2 = Below Expectations, 1 = Unsatisfactory.

  • How would you rank the candidate's skills in planning and assessment of student learning?

  • How would you assess the candidate's communications skills with peers, parents, students?

  • Rank the candidate in the area of classroom management and knowledge of human growth and development.

  • Of all the teachers in your building, how would rank this candidate?

  • Do you have any concerns with respect to this candidate?

  • Are you aware of any disciplinary action against this teacher?

  • Has the teacher ever been asked to resign?

  • Why did the teacher leaver his/her employment with you?

  • Was this decision by the teacher entirely voluntary?

  • Would you rehire the applicant as a teacher?

Reference check conducted by:

  • A.R.S. 15-512(E) states "Before employment with the school district, the district shall make documented good faith efforts to contact previous employers of a person to obtain information and recommendations which may be relevant to a person's fitness for employment. A previous employer who provides information pursuant to this subsection is immune form civil liability unless the information provided is false and is acted on to the harm of the employee by the school district and the previous employer knows the information is false or acts with reckless disregard of the information's truth or falsity".

  • Reference: Section 7.35, Form 7.35.F.2