• Section 5.16.F.1 - Bus Disciplinary Referral

  • In accordance with Policy Section 5.16, students who do not follow the safety rules will be disciplined in accordance with the student code of conduct in Policy Section 10.42 (Student Discipline).

    Each student who is provided transportation services is expected to obey the rules as established for the safety and welfare of all those who ride the buses. The school bus is an extension of the school campus. Misconduct on the school bus will be treated in the same manner as it is treated at the school.

Misconduct (to be completed by the bus driver)

  • The offenses listed are specific to the school bus. All of the unacceptable, serious, and severe offenses listed in the student code of conduct apply to the bus in the same manner as at the school. Any offense that may occur which is not listed here or in the student code of conduct will have its severity and consequence decided by the school administrator.

  • More detailed description of inappropriate behavior on the bus, if necessary:

  • Consequences of unacceptable, serious, or severe offenses, as described in Policy Section 10.42, will apply to the bus in the same manner as they do in the school or other school setting.

Disciplinary Action (to be completed by administrator)

  • Consequences according to administrative options:

  • All bus disciplinary referrals are to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school principal.

  • Reference: Section 5.16, Form 5.16.F.1