• Section 2.9.F.1 - Board Member Conflict of Interest Form

  • Add Additional Names
  • I do hereby indicate:

    1. That I am presently an officer/employee of the Dysart Unified School District;
    2. That I or my relative(s) have a substantial interest in the contract, sale, purchase, decision, investigation, or other matter by the Dysart Unified School District No. 89 Governing Board as described below.

    To be completed if you have a conflict as identified above.

    To avoid any possible conflict of interest under A.R.S. §§ 38-501 to 511, I will refrain from participating in any manner in the matter identified above.


    To be completed only if you do not or your relative does not have a conflict of interest.

    I do hereby indicate that I do not have, and noneof my relatives has, a substantial interest in any contract, sale, purchase, service, decision, investigation, or other matter of the Dysart School District;

  • The District will investigate allegations of inadequate disclosure of substantial interests and/or inappropriate participation when a substantial interest may exist.

  • Reference: Section 2.9, Form 2.9.F.1