• Section 12.1.F.6 - Parental Consent for Participation of Child in Research Study

  • Parent Communication Letter

    I understand the purpose of the research project will be:

  • and that my child will participate in the following manner:

  • Potential benefits of the study are:

  • I agree to the following conditions with the understanding that I can withdraw my child from the study at any time should I choose to discontinue participation:

      • The identity of participants will be protected by:
      • Information gathered during the course of the project will become part of the data analysis and may contribute to published research reports and presentations.
      • There are no foreseeable inconveniences or risks involved to my child participating in the study.
      • Participation in the study is voluntary and will not affect either student grades or placement decisions. If I decide to withdraw permission after the study begins, I will notify the school of my decision.

    If further information is needed regarding the research study, I can contact:

  • My signature below indicates that I have read the information provided and have decided to allow my child to participate in the study titled “name of research project” to be conducted at my child’s school between the dates

  • ____________________________________________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                         Date


    Principal Signature                                                                                                                      Date


    Classroom Teacher Signature                                                                                                     Date

  • Reference: Section 12.1, Form 12.1.F.6