• Section 12.1.F.5 - Dysart Affidavit of Data Confidentiality

  • I understand that any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information is illegal as provided in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1973 (FERPA) and in the implementing federal regulations found in 34 CFR Part 99. As condition for conducting research within the Dysart Unified School District, I acknowledge the following understandings:

    1. That I have reviewed, understand, and will follow all data confidentiality conditions set forth under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
    2. That participation in a research study by students, parents, and school staff is strictly voluntary.
    3. That any data, datasets or outputs that I, or any authorized representative, may generate from data collection efforts throughout the duration of the research study are confidential and the data are to be protected.
    4. That I will not distribute to any unauthorized person any data or reports that I have access to or may generate using confidential data.
    5. That student-identifiable information may not be disclosed in any type of research report, communication, presentation, and/or any other type of dissemination outside the immediate framework of study. Information identifying staff, schools, and/or the District may not be released in any form without prior authorization.
    6. That data/information containing names or other identifiers (such as student numbers) will be disposed of when their use is complete.

    I understand that by agreeing to these conditions this in no way obligates the Dysart Unified School District to approve or participate in the proposed research study.

  • Reference: Section 12.1, Form 12.1.F.5