• Section 12.1.F.3 - Declaration of General Understandings Stipulations and Conditions for Application

  • All applicants must read the following information. By signing this affidavit, the applicant declares understanding and agreement of all conditions and stipulations descripted.

    All external research requests must be determined to:

    1. Agree to follow all state and federal laws as related to data confidentiality including, but not restricted to, the Pupil Rights and Privacy Act (PPRA), Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and procedures/actions/protocols consistent with guidelines set forth by the Health and Human Services (HHS) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) for conducting research involving human subjects.
    2. Not disrupt or significantly interfere with the instructional duties of teachers, students, or administrators.
    3. Not interfere, delay, harm, or otherwise negatively impact student learning.
    4. Address substantive, relevant, and valued educational topics and qualify, as determined by the District, as making a worthwhile contribution to the body of educational knowledge and understanding.
    5. Not require expenditure of District monies or occupy significant expenditure of staff time during work hours.
    6. Adhere to all stipulations specified by the District as conditions of approval.
    7. Follow rules of informed consent: No data or information may be obtained from Dysart Unified School District students without a signed written agreement (Parental Consent Form) from the student’s parent/guardian regardless of the age of the student.
    8. Make adequate provisions for monitoring collected data and ensure the privacy of subjects.
    9. In the case of university-aligned research involving students, provide signed written approval from that institution’s Internal Review Board (IRB) regarding Human Subjects Research.
    10. Provide a written copy of the final report to the District at no charge to the District.
    11. Provide a statement assuring that all personally identifiable information collected during the research activity will be either (1) turned over to the District or (2) destroyed after the study is completed.
    12. Agree that permission to conduct the research study may be withdrawn at any time without prior notification or explanation at the discretion of the Dysart Unified School District Governing Board, the Superintendent, or a designee appointed by the Superintendent.
    13. Agree that any individual participating in the study may elect to withdraw from the study at any time for any reason without penalty.
    14. Submit the application no later than six weeks prior to the first day of state achievement testing of the current school year and at least four weeks prior to the start of the proposed project.
    15. Not require participation of staff or students at least six weeks prior to administration of the state’s academic assessment.

    For the purpose of this application, references in Federal Guidance to IRB is inferred to mean internal review by Dysart Unified School District.

    Parent/Student Consent Forms: All research studies involving students must include written permission from the student’s parent/guardian. Communication with the parent/guardian must disclose the exact nature of the research activity, the questions/information, and a statement explaining how confidentiality of responses will be ensured.

    All research studies involving students-as-participants must include similar written permission. For students who do not agree to participate in the study, no data collections may take place regardless of prior parent approval. For students in grades PS-5, verbal explanation and agreement may be conducted. The specific approach for obtaining consent from younger students must be reviewed and approved by the District.

    Copies of a signed Parent and Student Consent Forms must be forwarded to the Director, Department of Research and Accountability prior to any student-level data collection activity. A copy of a sample Parental Consent Form is attached for review.

    District-Appointed Oversight: All external research activities will be overseen by the Director, Department of Research and Accountability. Communications concerning each step in the research study must be made to this office: data collection dates, communications with site administrators, completion of significant mile posts in the study’s timeline, etc… The Director, Department of Research and Accountability will maintain all documentation regarding the proposed study including all contacts, Informed Consent Agreements, and monitor progress during the study’s implementation.

    Additional Conditions: With respect to any externally-initiated research study, the District may impose additional conditions prior to, or at any time during the course of the study when, in the judgment of the District, additional conditions are necessary.

    Local Site Approval: For research projects requiring participation of school staff and/or students, the request must also be approved by the local school principal.

    Conditions for Review and Approval: All applications will be reviewed by the Director, Department of Research and Accountability. Considerations for review will include relevance of the proposed study to educational research and practice, disruption and/or impact on staff, students, schools, relevance of the topic to specific programs and practices in the District, the number of current external research studies on-going in the District, timeline within the school year, and other factors as determined to be of consideration. The Director of Research and Accountability will formulate a recommendation on the application and forward it to the Superintendent for final consideration. Final decision will rest with the District Superintendent. No request will be considered without complete documentation.

    Acknowledgement of review and agreement with the General Understandings, Stipulations and Conditions for Application.

  • Reference: Section 12.1, Form 12.1.F.3