• Section 11.20.F.1 - Request To Display Materials

  • We wish to display/post or stack promotional material on the following dates: (Not to exceed [1] month)

  • The person who may be contacted, if necessary, about the content of this literature, by the school, parent, or other recipient of information is:

  • I/We hereby assure the school that the organization will:

    • Agree that any charges for the instruction/activities will be based and not exceed the cost of providing the instruction/activities;
    • Not use fighting words, obscenities, defamatory speech or encourage disruption of the educational environment;
    • Not provide representations or visuals that are inappropriate as described in The Children's Internet Protection Act;
    • Remove the material on a date certain not more than (1) month after it has been displayed/posted/stacked or five (5) days after the activity begins, whichever is earlier;
    • Label all material with the name of the sponsoring organization;
    • Provide the name, address and telephone number of the local representative for the organization prominently on the promotional material;
    • Have an authorized representative of the organization sign the written assurances.
    The promotional material and assurance form affirming compliance shall be provided to the school office at the same time.

    This request must be submitted to the school office at least two (2) weeks prior to the requested date(s).
  • Signatures and Titles of Organization Representatives

  • Reference: Section 11.20, Form 11.20.F.1