• Section 10.42.F.2 - Notice to Principal of Refusal to Readmit Student

  • (Must be submitted by next business day following temporary removal)

  • Under the provisions of A.R.S. 15-841, I am refusing to readmit the above-named student to the identified class. The temporary removal was made under the following condition (one [1] of the two [2] conditions must be selected and substantiated):


  • Instructions: Describe the incidents that have prompted the decision to remove the student from the class. It is important that complete and detailed information is provided, as it will be used (1) by the principal in determining the appropriate discipline management techniques, consistent with Governing Board rules, to be applied to this case, and (2) by the placement review committee to determine whether the student should be placed back in the class if the teacher and principal cannot reach consensus that acceptable corrective measures have been accomplished to effect the student's return to class.
    To the extent possible, report literal disruptive remarks made by the student, and list contributing factors such as the student's facial or bodily expressions, gestures, sounds, and so forth. Explain how the student attempted to divert the attention of other students, to encourage their participation in the misbehaviors, and to otherwise interfere with the classroom management, teaching, and learning processes. State the techniques, both successful and unsuccessful, that have been attempted to restrain the student's misconduct, gain the student's cooperation, or otherwise control the situation. List the dates of and summarize the communications and conferences with the student's parent(s) or other responsible adult(s) to elicit their assistance in resolving the difficulties with the student.

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  • Reference: Section 10.42, Form 10.42.F.2