• Section 1.4.F.1 - Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

  • DYSART Unified School District ("the District") complies with federal and state laws prohibiting unlawful discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability and age in its programs and activities. Any person that believes they have been harassed or discriminated against based on his/her sex can file a complaint under this procedure by contacting the District's Title IX Coordinators as follows:

    Mr. Steve Mattingly
    Director of Human Relations
    Title IX Coordinator
    15802 North Parkview Place
    Surprise, Arizona 85374
    (623) 876-7876

  • Date captured on form submission
  • Please enter your full name, address and phone # and email below.
  • 1. Describe the alleged sexual harrasment in specific terms.


    a. The specific incident or activity that is alleged to be in violation of Title IX
    b. The name of all individuals involved.
    c. Dates, times, and locationd involved.
  • 2. Describe any relevant communication that has already occurred to address this issue. Please specify the types of communication, dates, and names of individuals with whom any communication has occurred.

  • 3. Do you want this Complaint to be formally investigated and addressed by the School?

  • If 'No', please clarify:

  • Date captured on form submission
  • Reference: Section 1.4, Form 1.4.F.1